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Vaan Sees a Voice Change in Japanese Dissidia Final Fantasy

Team considered cutting Vaan due to voice conflicts, but kept him in due to fan demand.

Vaan (in the back) in Final Fantasy XII.

Final Fantasy XII's Vaan was confirmed in Jump last week for inclusion in Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy. But the character will be undergoing a slight change in the Japanese version of the game.

Square Enix updated the Duodecim official site with a message attributed to the game's development staff. The message reveals that Vaan will be voiced by Kenshyou Ono instead of Kouhei Takeda, who voiced the character in the original FFXII.

According to the message, the Duodecim staff made multiple offers to have Takeda reprise his role as Vaan. Takeda himself was apparently interested, but due to some issues with his previous agency, he was unable to appear in the game.

After hearing about this, the staff initially considered leaving Vaan out of the game. However, because fan demand for Vaan was high in surveys, they decided to put the character in using Ono as his voice.

Message from the Duodecim team.

Ono is the voice of Harry Potter in the dubbed version of the Harry Potter films and the voice of Young Simba in The Lion King. You can see his full list of credits at his Wikipedia page.

Even though the message is at the official site, the site has yet to be updated with images of the character. For now, you'll have to turn to Jump to get a look.

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