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Nintendo Releases Free DS Guide Making App

Shop and gallery owners can make their own guide and send it out to customers.


During an earnings briefing last month, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto revealed to investors that he'd been working on a DSi Ware app that would allow the general public to make their own guide applications, similar to the DS-based guides that are used at select shopping malls and retailers. That app is available today as a free download from the DSi Ware Store.

Titled Jibun de Tsukuru Nintendo DS Guide (Make It Yourself: Nintendo DS Guide), the free app lets users make their own guide services, complete with audio and pictures. The guides can be shown directly on the DS on which they were created, or they can be beamed out to other players.

The newly opened official site describes the procedure for creating and distributing the guides. You take pictures and record sounds using the DSi hardware itself. You then assemble the pictures and sounds into frames which users can access by selecting numbered panels on the touch screen.

Make your own guides using Nintendo's free DSi Ware app.

To view a guide on the DS on which it was created, you can set the Nintendo DS Guide app to "preview" or "slide show" mode. To beam the app out to other DS owners, you'll need to have two DSi systems. One DSi sends out the program required to play the guide. The other DSi sends out the audio and video data. The receiving end can be any type of DS system: DS, DS Lite, DSi or DSi LL.

Preview and slideshow (left). Downloading the app (right).

As an example of use, the official site shows an art gallery. The user-created guide has introductions to the various pieces of art in the gallery. The gallery operator has placed numbered panels next to the artwork, telling visitors what panel they should click on. The DSi system that sends out the viewing app is placed outside the gallery. The DSi system that sends out the guide is placed in a central table in the middle of the gallery.

Example of the app's use in a gallery.

Visitors first download the viewer from the DSi that's placed outside the gallery. Upon entering the gallery, the download the data from the insde DSi system. As they view the gallery, they select the appropriate panels to get information about the current work.

What users see when they try to download the guide and viewing app.
Example of using the guide to show details about photos in a photo gallery.

Nintendo has provided PDF files with posters that can be printed out to assist patrons with using the guides.

Nintendo will be placing samples at the official site shortly. Also access the site for videos showing the creation process and an Iwata Asks column with Miyamoto and other members of the staff.

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