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The 3rd Birthday's Customization System Revealed

Modify Aya Brea to your liking with custom DNA using your DNA Board and Over Energy Chips.

Modify Aya Brea through custom DNA.

The 3rd Birthday's customization systems go beyond revealing clothing items for Aya Brea. Famitsu has a look this week at another customization system: Over Energy.

Over Energy, or OEs for easier pluralization purposes, are special abilities Aya gets when she infuses items called "OE Chips" into her DNA. They're like skills or abilities. Examples include attack and defense modifiers and recovery skills.

To use the OE system, you have to first get the OE Chips from fallen foes and other sources. Once you have chips, you can place them into Aya's DNA board, a 3x3 panel of chip slots.

OE Chips come in a variety of forms, with such names as "Normal DNA." They have shape, indicating how many slots and they'll take up in your DNA board. Before placing the chips, you can see the OE that the chip will activate.

In an example shown in Famitsu, a Level 1 Normal DNA chip takes up two slots horizontally on the DNA Board. Each slot gives Aya a Level 1 Antibody OE. The two Level 1 Antibody OEs are added up, giving Aya access to a Level 2 Antibody.

If you have an OE chip in place on your DNA Board and you try to place another OE chip on top of it, you can make the two OE chips fuse together. Doing this will make the OE's level rise. You can also link OEs by placing them next to one another. The levels of the OEs will be added up.

In the example above, two adjacent Level 1 Antibodies linked up to form a Level 2 Antibody. If you place another Level 1 Antibody OE next to one of the two Level 1 OEs, you'll end up with a total Level 3 Antibody.

For the OEs to sum their levels, the chips have to be in adjacent slots.

The OE system will probably make a lot more sense once you've seen screenshots. Famitsu usually follows up on its print coverage with details and screens at Famitsu.com, so expect a visual look shortly.

You're going to need help from your DNA to take on big creatures like this!

Separate from the OE system, Aya can grow through a level up system. As she defeats Twisted, she'll earn experience, and eventually rise in level. As her level rises, her life, "Revelation" special attacks power and Overdive Kill power will increase.

Aya also gains "BP" when she defeats enemies. The magazine doesn't provide an explanation about BP, but it does say that it might be the same BP from past Parasite Eve games.

Outside of the customization system, the magazine has a look at many of the story and gameplay details that were shared in Jump earlier in the week.

On the character front, a look at Kunihiko Maeda, a genius scientist who's passionate about his work. If you played the Parasite Eve games, you'll remember Maeda. Following the events of those games, he returned to Japan, but made the trip back to New York following the Twisted outbreak. Maeda has a special shelter that he's converted out of an old storage house.

There aren't any other character introductions this week, but the magazine does have a bunch of screenshots showing event scenes involving Aya, Eve and Kyle. Aya doesn't know who Kyle is (because she's been reborn, and all) but Kyle seems to know everything there is to know about her. In one screen, Aya is pointing a gun at Kyle. He grabs the barrel and tells her, "I know everything about you." Kyle also appears to know the whereabouts of Eve but for some reason will not tell Aya.

Gameplay details include a look at Overdive Kill, a special attack where Aya uses her Overdive ability on a Twisted rather than on another human. As detailed in Jump, to use this, you have to make your foe shrink away from you, which you can do with grenades or other powerful attacks. The triangle button will appear on the screen. Press R to lock on, then triangle, and you'll get Aya to do her Overdive Kill move. Aya will leap into the enemy's consciousness and damage it from within.

There are also some hints this week at additional gameplay features. In the lower right corner of all the screenshots we've seen thus far, the game displays the name of the soldiers into whom Aya can Overdive. Some of these names have a special eagle icon next to them. Does this mean they'll have a different ability? (Famitsu is the one posing this question, so the answer is probably yes).

The magazine also has a section detailing the amount of variety in the game's play environments. We've already seen such areas as the city and live house. As previously detailed, Aya will also take the fight into the air as she Overdives into soldiers who pilot helicopters. You'll also end up battling the Twited on a moving train.

This was covered in a separate story earlier, but the magazine introduces two costumes for Aya: Knight Armor and her "Apron Dress." That second one is the official name of the maid outfit that was shown in Jump earlier in the week.

Two of Aya's previous costume reveals.

For those without access to Famitsu, we'll hopefully get an online look at all these features over the next week.

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