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Sakura Wars Becomes a Browser Game

Rocworks, Red and Trinity Game Studio team up for new take on classic franchise.


Rocworks announced today that it has licensed Sakura Taisen from Sega and Red Entertainment and will be releasing a browser game based off the series.

The new title is tentatively titled "Browser Sakura Taisen." Rocworks will manage the game's operation. Red Entertainment is working on artwork and the "original plan" for the game. Trinity is handling development.

Rocworks said to expect a game that makes use of the appealing aspects of the Sakura Taisen series to reach not just Sakura Taisen series fans and online game fans, but new players as well.

Details aside from this were not shared, but Rocworks did promise updates to come at the newly opened teaser site.

The Sakura Taisen series has sold 4.5 million units on consumer systems, Rocworks said in its press release announcing the new title.

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