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The 3rd Birthday: Motomu Toriyama Shares His Thoughts

Scenario director wants you to spend your Christmas with Aya Brea.


The celebratory 3rd entry at the 3rd Birthday development blog featured scenario director Motomu Toriyama.

"It's a bit early, but Merry Christmas," said Toriyama. "It was with the desire to spend Christmas with Aya that I joined The 3rd Birthday project. At last, the day where that desire will be fulfilled has come."

The early concepts of a "snowy New York" and "a story that begins with a blood covered wedding dress" remain intact with the final game, said Toriyama. However, he's made a number adjustments to the scenario to make it more adult oriented and show astonishing and mystery filled developments. A number of episodes have become "hidden episodes." As a result of all this work, he believes the scenario has matured and become more polished.

Toriyama asked that players enjoy the scenario in full, as it ended up expanding to cover even the background of the Twisted incident.

He also praised the game's visual quality. "In the area of visuals, it's been made with such quality that it would be just fine to show it on a high def screen. The scary scenes will make you tremble, the sexy scenes will get your heart pumping. The hands holding your PSP will definitely shake with tension."

"There's just a bit of time remaining until 12/22. Everyone, please spend some time with Aya this Christmas."

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