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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's Guild Card System

Exchange cards with friends. Take baths together.


Capcom provided a close look today at Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's "Guild Card" system.

As with past Monster Hunter games, Guild Cards contain your player information and hunting history. When in the online public bath lobby area, you can exchange your Guild Card with other players.

Exchanging Guild Cards

You're free to edit the Guild Card in a number of areas, even editing a self introduction statement. New for 3rd, you can set a pose for your character and set a unique background.

Editing your Guild Card.

Also new for 3rd, the Guild Cards will allow you to interact with your friends even when you're alone. When in the offline public bath area, players with whom you've exchanged Guild Cards will visit you. While you won't be able to go out on group quests, you will be able to bathe together. Your hunter friends will also give you items, and will even upgrade the quality of your water.

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