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Giant Monster Hunter Balloons Appear in Shibuya and Shinjuku

Pose with the giant Felyne for a commemorative picture.


Commercials are fine if your game is going to sell just two or three million copies. But for a game like Monster Hunter Portable 3rd that's likely to sell over four million units, it's a well known fact that only one type of promotion is effective: giant balloons!

Capcom will be placing giant balloons of key Monster Hunter creatures at major hotspots in Tokyo. Shinjuku Station Square (in front of the Alta monitor) will see a to-scale version of MHP3rd cover beast Jin Ogre. Shibuya's famous 109 building will see a giant Felyne.

The Shinjuku Jin Ogre will be in place from December 1, the day of MHP3rd's launch, to December 5. Visitors will be able to hear some special sounds coming from the balloon. At night, the balloon will release special lighting. Visit on the 4th and 5th to receive special novelties and get in some photo ops with Felynes and hunters.

The Shibuya Felyne will be in place over the same period. Instead of the lights and sounds, Capcom is arranging a special photo panel that will let visitors take an picture with the giant Felyne in the background.

The Monster Hunter Portable 3rd official launch event takes place early morning on the 1st at the Tsutaya outlet near the 109.

Shinjuku (left) and Shibuya (right).

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