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Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy: Basics of Assist

Take a step by step look at one of the sequel's biggest additions.

The official site updates are becoming more frequent.

The Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy official site was updated today with a new "system" section that will presumably introduce us to the various gameplay systems Square Enix is packing into the PSP sequel.

First up is a look at the Assist System. Visit the system section to access a video showing the basics of how this all new system works. The Assist System lets you summon a partner character to briefly do some of the fighting for you.

Points mentioned in the clip include:

  • Build up your Assist Gauge (below the green life bars) by striking opponents with your attack.
  • You also can build up the gauge by just striking at the air without hitting your opponent, although this takes long.
  • The Assist Gauge can be built up faster if you use a variety of attacks rather than the same attack over and over.
  • You can also charge up the Assist Gauge through HP attacks.
  • Basically, just be active in your attacks, and the gauge will be built up.
  • The gauge will deplete if you sit around without attacking.
  • Once at least one bar on the gauge has filled up, you can press L and circle to execute an Assist Brave Attack. Your summoned Assist Character will automatically attack your foe.
  • When Assist Gauge is filled up max, press L and circle to execute an Assist HP Attack. As with the Assist HP Attack, your summoned Assist Character will attack your foe for you.

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