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Massive Venus & Braves Demo Hits Today

Plus, what's new for the PSP version of the classic PS2 strategy game?

Classic PS2 strategy revived on the PSP early next year. But first, a lengthy demo.

Your first sampling of PSP Venus & Braves will come later today exclusively through Dengeki Online. The site will be offering a downloadable demo featuring a sampling of the game's Story Mode and Braves Legend Mode.

The demo will be packed with content, to the tune of 10 hours play time. The story mode will offer play of the prologue. The Braves Legend Mode, a mode of play that's usually accessible only once you've cleared the full story mode, will be immediately accessible for the demo. Furthermore, by carrying your save file over from the demo, you'll be able to access Braves Legend Mode from the start in the retail version!

Dengeki says that it will post the demo to a special page later today. Interested parties should check the Dengeki front page.

Also at the site, some details on what's new for the PSP. Namco Bandai added three of the features most highly demanded by PS2 users:

  • Difficulty modes selectable between easy, normal and hard
  • Ability to save at each town
  • 10 new events for Braves Legend Mode

Also new for the PSP are appearances by Tales series characters. The game will have 20 Tales characters from 7 Tales games. When you encounter a Tales character, you'll learn special skills for battle. Characters include Tear Grants (Abyss), Asbel Lhant (Graces), Sophie (Graces), Philia Philis (Destiny), Cless Alvein (Phantasia), and Mint Adnade (Phantasia).

Like the ten new events, these characters can be encountered in Braves Legend Mode.

Two of twenty Tales characters.

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