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A Few Bits about Final Fantasy Agito XIII Via The 3rd Birthday Twitter

Director Hajime Tabata lists three concepts and suggests playing The 3rd Birthday.

We'll hopefully get a close look at Agito during January's Fabula Nova Crystallis press conference.

With Square Enix continuing its silence on the Fabula Nova Crystallis series, The 3rd Birthday Twitter is still the only place to go for the occasional update about Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Today, The 3rd Birthday director Hajime Tabata made a few comments about the latter, which he's also directing.

Updates at The 3rd Birthday Twitter have been slowing of late. The reason, explained Tabata, is just because he's busy. Not on The 3rd Birthday, though. He's actually busy with Agito.

"Because pretty much nothing has been revealed about Agito, players are probably unable to get a grasp on the game and are thus unable to look forward to it. However, we'll be releasing information next year, and all members of the team are putting their all into development, thinking that it will end up being widely anticipated." He also added, "We're making it into a game that will exceed everyone's expectations.

A bit more solidly, Tabata described Agito as "a major title that's formed from a variety of concepts." These include "Collision of four fantasies (the world view)," "Killing match between magic and weapons (battle)," and "The Ordinary and Unordinary (the two sides of reality)."

For players who are interested in Agito, Tabata recommended playing The 3rd Birthday, saying that although the two are different in terms of content, the core of what the staff can do on PSP in terms of gameplay is similar between the two, allowing The 3rd Birthday to be used as a reference.

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