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Dragon Quest Monsters Wanted Hits iMode

DQIX and DQMJ2 monsters appear in latest Monsters title.


About a month after its first announcement, Dragon Quest Monsters Wanted has made it out to iMode cell phones. The official site was also updated with details on what Wanted is all about.

Wanted is the latest entry in the Monsters offshoot of the Dragon Quest series. As with past Monsters titles, the focus is on gathering, raising and combining monsters to create more powerful creatures.

The goal of Wanted is to save up the most money. You earn money by taking on quests from the pub master. Clearing quests will also raise your experience and earn you items. You'll also rise in "Hunter Rank," allowing you to take on more powerful targets.

To build up your monsters further, you'll want to head to the battle grounds area beneath the pub, where you can put your monsters up in fights. By repeating this battle process, you'll raise your Battle Rank and will be able to take on stronger fights. You'll also improve your questing ability, gaining the option to take more equipment with you and dispatch two monsters simultaneously.

The game's monster synthesis system, central to the Monsters series, will be updated with additional monsters through download content, resulting in over 450 in all. Monsters from DS titles Dragon Quest 9 and Dragon Qeust Monsters Joker 2 will appear in the game.

New for Wanted is an alchemy system, which allow you to create weapons and equipment from items. This is the first time alchemy elements have appeared in Monsters. As you perform alchemy, your Alchemy Rank will rise and you'll be able to make more powerful equipment.

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