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First Look: Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royal

New battle royal arcade game uses PlayStation 3 hardware for high level visuals.


Namco Bandai recently provided preliminary details on its new Dragon Ball arcade game, Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royal. Today, it gave us our first real look.

Zenkai Battle Royal is is a battle royal game with support for four players. You select your favorite Dragon Ball character and face off in realtime combat, making use of special moves, throws, super moves and even defensive moves like counters.

The game is network based, linking up arcades throughout Japan. When you put your coin in, you can select to play a local match within the current arcade, or have yourself and a friend automatically undergo matching.

Namco Bandai notes that even though matching can be done with a friend, the game is a free-for-all battle royal. Only the top two players advance to the next round, so you may end up deciding to abandon your friend.

On the hardware front, the game makes use of the PlayStation 3-based System 357 arcade board. Controls include a lever and five buttons: search, guard, attack, and energy sphere ("kidan").

The game's official site is currently host to a trailer. A location test is set to be held on December 10 at various arcades throughout Japan. Check the official site for details.

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