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Otomedius X Delayed

Xbox 360 shooter now arriving in the Spring.


Konami has kept its Xbox 360 shooting game Otomedius X flagged with a general "Fall 2010" time frame since its announcement. With Fall about to officially end, it was pretty clear that this time frame would not be met.

Today, Konami set a new time frame. Otomedius is now scheduled for Spring 2011 release. As reason for the delay, Konami simply said that the development has been struck with a delay.

Otomedius X (the X stands for Excellent) retains the basic gameplay of its 2008 predecessor, Otomedius G (the G stands for Gorgeous), but adds a number of new features, including new characters and a multiplayer offline mode to go along with the co-op online mode of the original.

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