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First Look: Atelier Violet PSP

Gust provides a look at the new characters and the pre-order bonus.


Following last week's announcement, Gust has at last provided us with a complete look at the PSP updated port of Atelier Violet: The Alchemist of Gramnad 2

The PSP version of the 2003 PS2 title updates the screen layout for the PSP's wide screen and adds new characters, along with events and endings to go along with them. Characters include the 12-year-old Lapis, the 12-year-old Nanami Shumitto and the 10-year-old Sphere.

Left to right: Lapis, Nanami and Sphere.

For a general look at the game, including the synthesis system and profiles of the new characters (complete with voice actor commentary), visit Dengeki.

Atelier Violet will see PSP release on February 3, priced ¥5,040 for its standard version and ¥7,140 for its limited edition. Pre-orders will receive an original PSP screen protector and decoration stickers.

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