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Super Monkey Ball 3D Official Site Opens

A closer look at one of Sega's first 3DS titles.


Super Monkey Ball 3D is set for Spring release, making it a likely candidate as a launch game for the 3DS. Not surprisingly, it's one of the first 3DS titles Sega is promoting.

Today, the game got an official site, offering looks at game modes and characters.

The site promises the following three modes of play:

Monkey Ball
A single player mode where you roll to the goal while collecting bananas.
Monkey Race
An eight car race where you use items to obstruct your opponents. Playable by one to four players.
Monkey fight
The "Sarutimate Battle," where you steal bananas from your opponents. Playable by one to four players.

The character page lists AiAi, MeeMee, Baby and Gongon. Four character slots are inactive.

Also visit the download page for commemorative wallpapers.

Including Monkey Ball, Sega has said that it will release six 3DS titles in 2011. For the current 3DS title schedule, consult the 3DS release calendar.

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