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How The Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Plot Was Made

Producer, director and other key staffers spent some quality time in Capcom Manor to finalize direction of new DS title.


This four frame manga shows how the plot for Ace Attorney Investigations 2 was made:

As detailed by character designer Tatsuro Iwamoto at the Ace Attorney Investigations 2 development blog today, the game's staff, including producer Motohide Eshiro and director Go Yamazaki, spent five days and four nights at a place referred to as "Capcom Manor" last summer. They discussed the game's plot and new gameplay systems, made rough sketches, and came up with ideas for the scenario.

They even played games. Here's what happened when Eshiro and Yamazaki attempted to draw Miles Edgeworth and Kay Faraday without looking at character art:

This little gathering resulted in the creation of most of the game's rough character sketches along with finalization of the game's direction. It was here that Iwamoto made the rough sketch of Judge Mikagami that was shared last week.

The idea for working on a scenario in this fashion was apparently inspired by movie director Akira Kurosawa who, according to Iwamoto, would gather multiple script writers at a hotel to create his scripts.

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