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All About Catherine's Drinks

See what happens in Vincent's nightmares when he's all boozed up.


The Catherine official site was updated today with a section titled "Drink." Yes, we now have a close look at the game's drinking component.

The details were all shared before, but here's a recap, complete with screens from the site.

Vincent likes to hang out with his chums at the Stray Sheep Bar. He views his time in the bar as his only means of relaxation.

While in the bar, Vincent can order a variety of drinks. Here's a screen showing the buttons for selecting sake, beer, cocktail and whiskey.

As Vincent drinks, he becomes slightly less adept at walking. Like so:

On the flip side, a few beverages makes Vincent move faster in his subsequent nightmares. When Vincent is fully loaded up, indicated by the three step bottle icon to the lower left, his nightmare climb will look a little something like this:

If you're thinking about jotting all this down and committing it to memory before playing, no need! As you're playing Catherine, the little sheep guy, who can currently be seen at the official site providing commentary on all the characters, will introduce you to the mechanics of the drinking system.

Also new at the official site this week, a couple of less offensive wallpapers. Click on the cell phone icon to select from wallpapers showing Catherine and Katherine.

Bonus pic!

Here's Catherine questioning the necessity of marriage. She doesn't want to be tied down.

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