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Super Mario Club Resurrected For Christmas Special

Noriko Kato and Tooru Watanabe to reprise MC roles in classic television show.


What's more nostalgic than that version of Super Mario Bros. Nintendo included with the recent 25th anniversary Wii?

How about this classic shot from early 1990's Japanese television?

That's Noriko Kato and Tooru Watanabe in Super Mario Club, a Mario themed variety show that aired in the early 90s. The two will be reprising their roles as hosts for a show revival to be held on Tokyo TV on Christmas Day.

Super Mario Club originally ran from October 1990 to March 2001, changing its name along the way to Super Mario Stadium (October 1993), 64 Mario Stadium (July 1996) and Mario School (October 2000).

The new one episode special is titled "Fukkatsu! Super Mario Club." Kato and Watanabe will be joined by guests for games and quizzes that test their knowledge, strength and game quotient. The show will also feature nostalgic video clips and comments from participants of the original broadcasts.

To watch, tune your TV to TV Tokyo on December 25 from 16:00 to 17:15.

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