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Shenmue City Live at Mobagetown

The social Shenmue begins today.


Sunsoft began official service today on the Mobagetown version of Shenmue City. As previously announced, the game uses an item transaction service, meaning basic play is free.

Shenmue City is a social game revival of the classic Dreamcast adventure game Shenmue. Players become a pupil of main character Ryo Hazuki and explore Yokosuka, taking on quests and building up your character through battle. Along the way, you'll work through the storyline of the original Shenmue, meet familiar characters and of course play lots of gachacon.

You can get a close look at the various components of the game at the official site. The site was updated today with commemorative wallpapers to mark the start of service.

Shenmue City was planned and developed by Ys Net, a studio that was recently formed by Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki. Sunosft is handling operations on the game.

For gamers who'd rather play on their PC, a Yahoo Mobage PC version is in the works as well.

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