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Valkyria Chronicles 3: Special Abilities, Weapons and New Nameless

The latest on January's PSP sequel.


Sega shared details today on the weapons and special abilities for Valkyria Chronicles 3 primary characters Kurt Irving, Reila Marcellis and Imca. Read on for all the info and screens, along with a quick look at a two new members of the Nameless group.


Remaining SP (Special Points) are shown in the upper left.

Kurt, Reila and Imca have the hidden ability to unleash a special skill by using up SP (Special Points), a parameter that's shared across your entire squad. Here's a look at each characters ability.

Kurt Irving: Direct Command

When you've trigged Direct Command, you're free to move Kurt around without depleting your Action Point gauge. During this time, allies who are in Kurt's company will not incur damage.

Reila Marcellis: Valkyria

Reila changes into Valkyria form, becoming invincible and and making use of her Valkyria Sphere and Shield. The sphere can send out a powerful beam capable of dealing damage to any type of enemy troop, even tanks.

Reila encounters a mysterious lady in the forest. Don't you want to know what you really are? asks the mysterious lady.

Imca: Open Fire

Imca unleashes her Vár weapon to blast all on-screen enemies. One suggested use for this is when you have all enemies gathered in one spot.

Vár is an original weapon which combines a Gallian rifle with an anti-tank Lancer. It has length 173cm (190cm to the blade tip) and is very heavy. Its bullets are capable of damaging tanks, so Open Fire is useful against all types of troops.

Only Imca is capable of using Vár. In fact, she keeps using Vár regardless of the solider type you've changed into.


Sega also provided looks at two more members of the Nameless squad.

To the left is Felix, No.21. He's a "big brother" type with leadership abilities and a strong sense of justice. He was once part of the proper army but filed a complaint of some form against an incompetent commanding officer and was thus sent to the Nameless.

To the right is Valerie, No. 12. A former historian, she was searching for the truths behind the Darcsen Calamity and repeatedly attempted to trespass on historical ruins.

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