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Valkyria Chronicles 3: Troop Changes, Potentials, and the Master Table

A look at the character growth component of January's PSP sequel.

Joining the special move and weapon details from earlier in the day, a look at the character growth system in Valkyria Chronicles 3.

We got our first look at the Valkyria Chronicles 3 character growth system early last month. Today, Sega at long last provided screenshots to go along with the details.


Valkyria 3 has the same five troop classes as Valkyria 2: Scouts, Shocktroopers, Engineers, Lancers and Armored Soldier. The big difference with part 3 is that you can now freely change your troops between these classes by simply changing their weapon.

Symbols for the various troop types.

Although you're free to switch classes as you like, each character is a specialist in a particular class and will be stronger in that class.

Going along with the ability to make troop class changes, Valkyia 3 makes some changes to general character growth. Previously, experience was distributed to unit types. Now you distribute experience to five parameters for your squad as a whole.

Selecting to change a character's troop type.
To the right, the training menu for distributing experience.


Potential are character specific skills. There are two types. Personal Potentials are inborn and are thus fixed except for changes that come as part of the story. They may or may not be advantageous for you. Battle Potentials are learned as the character grows and always provide advantages.

Valkyria 3 has a new way of making your characters learn Battle Potentials. Each character has a "Master Table," which is meant to meant to be a physical representation of the characters' internal world. You use the Master Table get a visual sense of how you should build up your characters in order to make them acquire rare potentials.

In the below screens, we first see Kurt, as a scout, having memorized two Battle Potentials, represented by Red and Yellow markers. Next, we see Kurt, as an armored soldier, having memorized a Battle Potential, represented by another yellow marker. When a line is formed between the potentials acquired as these two classes, Kurt learns a powerful new potential that's called a "High Potential."


You deal with customization, character growth and other management areas from "Nameless Camp," your base of operations. This mobile camp is actually the only base given to the Nameless. Even when they're not in a fight, they live like this.


Joining the character growth system, Sega provided a look today at Kurt, Reila and Imca's special abilities and characteristic weapons. For a look at that, see this story

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