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Final Fantasy Legends Bard's Chapter Available

Square Enix's continuing mobile Final Fantasy.


The next volume in the growing Final Fantasy Legends saga hit iMode today. Players now have access to the Bard's Volume, a new free scenario under the "Chapter of Light."

This volume, titled "The Bard's Love," begins after Sol and his fellow warriors of light have split off from Barbara, the Dragoon, and crossed into a new continent. After freeing the fishing village of Cabo from pirates, they come to the beautiful port town of Rusalka. There, they encounter rumors of a witch and an unsettling singing voice that can be heard night after night.

The name of the bard in the title is Eduardo. He lost his family and traveled the world alone, polishing his skills as a bard. He returns to Rusalka, his home town, where his voice receives critical praise. One night, he meets a mermaid and falls instantly in love with her.

This is the second free scenario under the Chapter of Light. Players are free to select only the free scenarios they want to play. Clear the scenario, and you unlock the titular job, in this case bard. Individual scenarios run between ¥315 and ¥525.

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