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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Underwear

Celebrate record sales with the latest Monhan goods.


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is the fastest selling game in PSP history. Time to celebrate! And what better way to celebrate than with the latest Monster Hunter goods?

Included in Capcom's latest goods update is "Monpan." That's short for "Monster Hunter" and "Pants." Yes, it's Monster Hunter underwear!

Four versions are being readied, based off such creatures as Jinouga, Felyne and Rathalos. Each pair costs ¥998. Look for the themed underwear later this month.

Also set for release later this month are the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Monhan Pouches. These 220x100x20mm pouches run ¥315 each.

Finally, some crane machine prizes. These Felyne seats and key chains will hit game centers later this month.

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