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Tales of Graces F Download Content Kicks Off Tomorrow

Have a look at the Idolmaster tie-ups, the suits and the school clothes.


We've been reading about Tales of Graces F download content for months, mostly through magazine updates. With the first downloads set to begin tomorrow, Namco Bandai has at last been good enough to provide a closer look.

The game's download content will run ¥400 per costume and ¥100 per attachment set.

Tomorrow, players will access to Idolmaster Dearly Stars "idol" outfits which transform Pascal into Ai Hidaka, Sophie into Eri Mizutani, and Cheria into Ryo Akizukii.

The boys are also getting some costumes tomorrow. Malik will get a detective costume. Asbel will get a body guard costume. Hubert will turn into a butler.

On the 16th, the characters will get school outfits as part of the "Graces Academy" series. Costumes for Cheria, Asbel, Sophie, Hubert, Pascal, Richard and Malik will be on offer.

Upcoming attachments include the Neko (cat) Set and Usagi (bunny) Set tomorrow, and the Megane (glasses) Set and Piyo Piyo (that's Japanese for the chirping sound birds make) on the 16th.

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