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Shining Hearts Producer Responds to Negative Review Score

Poor load times caused by faulty Memory Stick, says Sawada.

Shame if Tony's latest Shining characters were wasted on slow load times.

If you frequent this site, you'll know that information from magazines usually leaks out a couple of days before street dates. However, developers usually refrain from commenting (via Twitter, etc.) even as info about their upcoming titles is being revealed ahead of schedule.

Shining Hearts producer Tsuyoshi Sawada broke the trend today following a negative Shining Hearts review that leaked out from Dengeki PlayStation today. The magazine gave the game a pretty low 75, 70, 80 and 60. One common complaint was that the game's tempo was bad due to lengthy load times.

Sawada responded to the review score via his Twitter. Apparently, there was a problem with the review Memory Stick, which lead to the lengthy load times. Dengeki is preparing a correction to the review.

The reviewers mentioned a number of other issues with the game, but the tempo comment seemed to be the big issue. Japanese readers can read a summary of the review here.

In other Shining Hearts Twitter news, Sawada also said yesterday that one of the original candidate names for the game was Shining Bread. He's probably joking (although he says he's not), but the main game's main character does work in a bakery.

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