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Free God Eater Burst Download Content Kicks off Tomorrow

A Certain Magical Index II tie-up and more start off latest download content.


Remember that A Certain Magical Index II tie-up Namco Bandai announced for God Eater Burst back in September? It now has a final download date: December 9.

The 9th actually marks the start of free download content as a whole for God Eater Burst. This first batch will include four missions.

One mission places you against the Venus Aragami that was first unveiled in late October.

Another mission is the collaboration mission with A Certain Magical Index II. Clear this, and you'll get "special coins" which can be collected to unlock a Tokiwadai school outfit from the anime.

The Tokiwadai clothes are just for female characters. Namco Bandai has also readied male clothes, but has not provided a look at the designs.

This is just the first in a series of monthly downloads for the game. The second download includes an Aragami called Caligula. This was designed in collaboration with Famitsu.

February will see collaboration clothing with various Namco Bandai Games titles. March will see weapons designed based off reader input from the readers of Famitsu, Dengeki PlayStation and Gemaga. April and May will see new Aragamis. You can see silhouettes the content here:

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