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3rd Birthday Fans, Recognize This Pose From Young Jump?

Eve voice actress Rei Okamoto poses like her character's older sister.


This week's issue of Weekly Young Jump may be somewhat of a collectors item for fans of The 3rd Birthday. Can you guess why?

The angle is different (and the rear proportions a bit more pronounced), but you should recognize Rei Okamoto's pose from The 3rd Birthday's soundtrack slip cover.

There's good reason for Rei to pretend to be like Aya! She's actually the voice of Aya's little sister, Eve. Her cover duties on Young Jump got a mention at The 3rd Birthday Twitter today (no, I don't actually follow Young Jump, or any magazine with a "Young" in its name).

This issue (No.1517) of Weekly Young Jump also has some Aya CG work on the back cover and a feature on The 3rd Birthday itself inside, so collectors will want to pick it up.

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