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Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy World Map Details

Plus, V Jump hints at big character reveal for next issue.


Last week's Jump had preliminary details on on Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy's new world map feature. Sister publication V Jump has delivered a few additional details.

Dissidia is set on a large world map and has players head off on an adventure to save the world which is being devastated by the power of Chaos.

Official media of the Duodecim world map has yet to be released, but some readers and sites have pointed out that it looks exactly like the world map from Final Fantasy 1, shown here:

Screenshots in V Jump show the player controlling such characters as Lightning and Vaan in a 3D environment. There are treasure boxes to be found here and there.

The world is apparently a dangerous place due to "Imitation," creatures created by Chaos, that roam about. The magazine also mentions the presence of gimmicks and devices, with one screen showing a boulder in the distance. There's no explanation on what the enemies or devices will do.

Jump also confirms that Duodecim will have the option for menu-based controls. A similar option appeared in the first Dissidia, but Jump, strangely, refers to it as a new mode. Using this mode of input, you select commands like move, fight and defend from a menu like in an RPG. You can also easily release EX Bursts and perform assist commands.

For next month's issue, V Jump is hinting at a "shocking" new character reveal. Given the timing of the release, this could be in reference to a new Jump Festa reveal, a new character reveal from the January 1st Production Department Premier event, or both.

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