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This Week's Flying Get

Voyeuristic love sims and busty strategy RPGs in this week's magazine leaks.


Welcome to this Week's Flying Get, inspired in part by chibi Aya Brea in the bath.

Every week, we assemble all the magazine leaks that appear on message boards and Japanese blogs in one story. In general, the info hasn't been confirmed, so wagering is discouraged.

Check back throughout the day for updates!

ADDED 15:15

Dynasty Warriors 7 Has Co-Op Play

Famitsu has first details on some of the multiplayer options Tecmo Koei is working on for Dynasty Warriors 7. The game's Chronicle Mode, where you follow a story that recreates various situations from Sangokushi, will have co-op play. This can be done both online and via offline split screen. It's unclear if the co-op mode will work with other areas of the game as well.

As detailed below, Famitsu also reveals this week Kingdom of Wu member Ding Feng as a playable character.

Another Professor Layton Clone from Konami

Konami made a somewhat obvious attempt at cloning Professor Layton with DS's "Zack and Ombra's Amusement Park of Illusion." This wasn't too much of a success. I don't think it even debuted in the top 50.

Now Famitsu has word of another Laytonish game from Konami, "Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights." This one is for the 3DS.

Doctor Lautrec looks a bit like Layton in terms of art style. The main character even has a big top hat. It may actually be different in terms of gameplay, though.

The game is themed around archeology. Doctor Lautrec and his young companion Sophie head off together on a great adventure. Famitsu mentions four primary areas of the game: events, battle, exploration and conversation.

Famitsu actually has a big Konami 3DS feature this week. In addition to Doctor Lautrec, the magazine has reports on Asphalt 3D Nitro Racing, Winning Eleven 3D Soccer (this seems to be the final name) and Pro Baseball Spirits Series (this isn't the final name). Details on these other titles have yet to leak out.

ADDED 13:30

Gran Turismo 5 Cars To Be Updated

Gran Turismo 5 has a mix of gloriously detailed "premium" cars and less detailed "standard cars." In an interview with Famitsu this week, Polyphony prez Kazunori Yamauchi reveals that there are plans in place to upgrade the standard cars to premium status.

The interview also sheds some light on the upcoming late December update, it seems. I'll hopefully be getting a look at the interview for myself shortly and will report back if there's anything else.

Dissidia Duodecim World Map Details

Famitsu's coverage this week of Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy is expectedly about the recent Laguna and world map reveals from Jump. Of course, Famitsu goes into more detail.

The world map is part of what's known as "RPG Mode." You'll be able to experience a story with scenarios and events as you travel around the world.

RPG mode uses a symbol encounter system, meaning you'll get into battle with enemies that you encounter on the map. You won't find any towns in the world, but you will find shops.

Screenshots hinted at some sort of party system for this mode. Depending on the scenario's chapter, your party members will be preset or you'll be able to form your own party.

Famitsu also reveals Final Fantasy III's Crystal Tower as a new battle stage.

The world map is part of a full 'RPG Mode.'

One Bit About the GREE Yakuza Project

I'm still not sure what the new Gree Yakuza project is all about, but it does seem like it will link up with PlayStation 3's Yakuza of the End. You'll apparently be able to receive weapons for use in both games.

Santa Outfits For Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd will be getting a Santa costume for your Felynes on December 24. There will also be a Felyne New Years costume, but this may just be for Monster Hunter Diary Poka Poka Felyne Village.

ADDED 11:54

Date Set for Yakuza of the End

It looks like the big December 16 announcement for Yakuza of the End is a release date. Famitsu confirms this week that the zombie-themed sequel is due for release on March 17, priced ¥7,980.

This is the usual release time frame for the PS3 Yakuza games. You can probably predict the game's entire marketing campaign by looking at our coverage of Yakuza 4.

Joining the release date, it seems that Sega will be announcing a new Yakuza project, a tie-up of some form with GREE. GREE is the social mobile gaming operator that is not under investigation by Japan's Fair Trade commission.

In four months, we will find out why Haruka has been kidnapped.

Tales of Xillia Announced

The long hyped PlayStation 3 entry in the Tales series is officially Tales of Xillia. Jump has first word on the game, its two main characters, and its theme song tie-up with Ayumi Hamasaki.

For more, see this story.

High Marks For The 3rd Birthday

The 3rd Birthday got high maks in Famitsu, scoring 10, 9, 8 and 9. No word yet on what the reviewers said.

Also reviewed this week:

  • Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4 Aizouban (PSP): 8, 7, 8, 8
  • Virtual On Force (X360): 7, 7, 8, 7
  • Borderlands GOTY Edition (PS3): 9, 8, 8, 7
  • Echochrome II (PS3): 9, 8, 7, 7
  • Utano Prince Sama Amazing Aria (PSP): 7, 7, 6, 6

ADDED 9:50

New Dynasty Warriors 7 Character

Famitsu's latest look at Dynasty Warriors 7 shows a new Kingdom of Wu member, Ding Feng (丁奉).

Queen's Blade Sequel Set for PSP

Namco Bandai is readying a followup to its busty PSP simulation RPG Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos. The new game is titled "Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos."

Based off the Queen's Gate "game book" (you can read up on the series for yourself at Wikipedia), the game will feature female warriors from a variety of brands, including some original characters. Non original characters include Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters) and Dizzy (Guilty Gear).

Gameplay will see an improved damage system, which allows you to target the girls for positional damage (that means their clothes tear off) in five areas. New to the game is the "Destiny Banish System," although there are no details on this at present.

A release is set for 2011. These screens are from Queen's Blade:

ADDED 9:30

Hudson Reading 100 Yen Card Game for PS3

Hudson's new downloadable PlayStation 3 game, Elemental Monster Online Card Game, costs just ¥100. But there's of course a catch. The ¥100 is just for the main game. You'll have to buy booster card packs for ¥500. Online play tickets will cost ¥100 for a set of four.

In addition to an online mode, playable against players throughout the world, the game includes a single player mode where you face off against the computer. The card-based battle system has players create a deck of six cards to summon monsters. Cards will include tie-ups with such franchises as Square Enix's Lod of Vermilion.

Take Pictures Of Your Girlfriend in New Love Sim

Kadokawa Games and Ichiro Sugiyama, producer of Kimi Kiss and True Love Story, have a new love sim on the way for PSP. Titled Photo Kano, or Photo Girlfriend, the game is themed around pictures.

You play as a second year high school student who receives a digital SLR camera from his father. You'll need to converse with the girls in your school and get them to pose for photo sessions where you shoot them up in a variety of situations, including in the classroom, at the pool, and in the nurse's room. You'll be able to ask for different poses depending on the level of favor the girl has for you. It looks like some of these poses may be a bit naughty.

The game's photo shooting mode lets you take pics by simply pressing the R trigger, allowing the game to be compatible with "tate" vertical mode. It also looks like the game has a complex conversation system where you have to keep track of a "Tension Gauge" and a "Biorhythm Gauge."

ADDED 9:03

In Famitsu This Week

The Famitsu table of contents has leaked out. It lists the following:

  • Photokano for PSP
  • Queens Gate Spiral Chaos from Namco Bandai for PSP
  • Elemental Monster Online Card Game from Hudson for PS3

Photokano is a love sim from Kadokawa Games that's themed around pictures. You go around taking pictures of your girlfriend who look kinda like Love Plus heroines, although that may just be because they're in school outfits. A release is set for summer 2011.

Other games getting coverage this issue include Marvel vs Capcom 3, Dynasty Warriors 7, Samurai Warriors 3Z, The 3rd Birthday, Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantsy, The Last Story, White Knight Chronicles PSP, Bullet Storm and a bunch of Western games. It also looks like the magazine has reports on at least three 3DS games: Winning Eleven 3D Soccer, The Sims 3, Pro Baseball Spirits and Asphalt 3D.

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