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Ghost Trick Hits iPhone

DS title from the maker of Ace Attorney gets an unexpected port.


Check the AppStore, iPhone/iPod touch gamers, and you'll find the latest from Ace Attorney designer Shuu Takumi. Ghost Trick, a Takumi-designed adventure game that was originally released for the DS in June, is now available in ported form for iPhone/iPod touch.

Ghost Trick puts layers in control of Cecil, who dies at the start of the game. You must work with Cecil to figure out the mysteries behind his death. To do this, you'll have to make use of Cecil's ability to save people by traveling back to four minutes before their death and altering the stage.

In terms of content, the iPhone version appears to be the same as the DS version. However, Cacpom has made some arrangements for the switch from the dual screen format by moving all the info that was contained on the top screen to the right side of the iPhone screen.

The price of basic admission for Ghost Trick is as low as it gets. A free download will get you the first and second chapters. After this, you can purchase chapter sets directly from the app. A full pack containing all chapters is available for ¥1,500, but through December 21 Capcom will be discounting this to ¥1,200.

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