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Konami's Slightly Professor Laytonish 3DS Title

Explore the underground of 19th century Paris in Doctor Lautrec.


With the main character's top hat, love of mysteries, and tendency to travel with a young companion, Konami's original 3DS adventure game Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights is drawing some early comparisons to Level-5's Professor Layton series.

See for yourself at the newly opened official site.

Lautrec is set in 19th century Paris. Players take control of Doctor Lautrec and his young assistant Sophie in a search for treasure through the mystery-filled undergrounds of the city.

The game's titular character, fully Jean Pierre Lautrec, is an archaeologist who works at a national museum. He's a genius who loves to solve mysteries. He has few friends, though, because of his sharp tongue and reliance on logic. You may see Lautrec with a monkey on his shoulder. That's his pet Kiki.

Lautrec's assistant Sophie Coubertin is a student at a Paris university. She's quite the looker, and gets a lot of attention from men, but she shows no interest. Sophie met Lautrec while serving as a part time assistant and ended up working in his research facility.

This week's Famitsu lists three basic gameplay components for Lautrec: Event, Battle, Exploration, and Conversation.

Your exploration of caves and other areas takes place on the top screen, with a map shown on the bottom screen. Screenshots in Famitsu suggest that the player has full control over Lautrec during these parts.

It's unclear how you get into battle, but the game's battle system has you use spirits that come in a variety of forms, including human type, beast time and bird type. You can give these spirits orders using a circular command pad on the lower screen.

The conversation and event components make use of full voice. Screenshots in Famitsu show Lautrec walking about his museum, which is full of people. Depending on the situation, peoples' clothing and gestures will change.

Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights is due for release in Spring 2011, presumably making it one of Konami's first 3DS games.

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