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Help Capcom Select The Voice for the New Mega Man Legends 3 Heroine

Capcom continues with its user contribution campaign. Plus, the latest Legends 3 feature set!


Mega Man Legends 3 has a new heroine named Aero. She wasn't designed by Keiji Inafune.

Fans recently selected Aero to be the game's new heroine. Now Capcom is giving fans a chance to select her voice. Yes, this is the latest user contribution component for the 3DS Mega Man Legends revival.

Capcom had three voice actresses audition for the role. You'll get to listen to some samples from the audition and select the one you think best fits the character. The catch is, Capcom isn't revealing the voice actresses names or past work, so the decision will be based exclusively off the samples.

To take part in the Japanese voice actress vote, visit the Japanese dev room (login required). Voting will be held through January 11.

Capcom's international offices will presumably have a similar promotion for English speakers, so check the US Devroom for details.

In other Legends news, Capcom opened a Japanese page detailing the Legends series as a whole. Visit this page for a look at the series and its characters.

The page lists the following features of Legends 3:

  • Uses Capcom's MT Framework tools (this was mentioned in a recent development blog post)
  • Will have a number of new characters, starting with the user-selected Aero.
  • "Free Running" has been powered up. You'll be able to run through a massive open field that has height variances. The abundant reactions, sub events and gimmicks that have won the series favor are being powered up as well.
  • The game will have a variety of fields, including massive unexplored ruins.
  • They're currently looking into multiplayer elements.

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