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The 3rd Birthday Has a China Dress

Aya Brea's latest costume could be the skimpiest yet!

We'll finally get to learn the story behind this wedding sequence in less than a week!

The costume announcements keep on coming for The 3rd Birthday. Weekly Shounen Jump adds to the growing list this week with a first look at the "China Dress."

There are a huge variety of china dress design out there. Aya's version is all black, sleeveless, and pretty darn short. This may be her skimpiest outfit yet!

Jump reveals one additional bit about The 3rd Birthday's costumes this week. One of the first costumes revealed for the game was an outfit that makes Aya look like Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning. Jump reveals this week that you'll have to obtain this through some sort of tie-up with the Square Enix Members site. Details will be shared there shortly.

Outside of the costume details, Jump has a look at one of Aya's "Over Energy" moves. In past trailers, you might have seen a move called "Inferno." This move deals great damage to the enemy, but at great cost, as Aya sacrifices herself.

Of course, it's not actually "Aya" who's sacrificing herself, but the soldier she's overdived into at the time. The 3rd Birthday Twitter actually made mention of the Inferno move a while back and noted that Aya can escape self inflicted death by overdiving into another soldier at the last second.

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