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Square Enix Jump Festa Posters

Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Agito XIII get a tiny bit of representation.


Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Agito XIII weren't at Jump Festa.

Or were they?

The Final Fantasy XIII sister projects were given one poster each on the wall of Square Enix's booth.

This wasn't special treatment, though. Square Enix gave posters to most of its titles, including The 3rd Birthday, SaGa 3, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection and Dragon Quest Monsters Professional.

These images are from the Square Enix Jump Festa photo blog. They didn't provide large shots of the Versus or Agito posters, unfortunately. But there is a big shot of a giant SaGa 3 poster that was at the exit of the Megatheater. Visit the blog for a look at that.

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