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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Crosses 3 Million

The fastest selling title in Capcom history.


Seventeen days after release, and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has crossed the 3 million mark in shipments, Capcom announced today. In addition to being the fastest shipping title in PSP history, it's also the fastest shipping title in Capcom history as well.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd continued to remain atop Media Create's sales charts in its second week. Following a debut of 1.95 million unit sales, the game sold an additional 630,000 units last week to bring its total sales to 2.58 million.

The Monster Hunter Portable 3rd series has sold 16 million units thus far, Capcom also said today.

Capcom continues to promote the title through collaborations and download quests. The first in a series of collaborative download quests with Metal Gear Solid will hit on Christmas Eve.

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