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PC Engine Game Box Hits iPhone Today

Sixteen titles, including Bonk, R-Type and Gradius, available for play.


iPhone/iPod touch users got a huge boost in retro gaming today as Hudson released the "PC Engine Game Box" (TurboGrafx Game Box in English) to the AppStore.

This free app serves as a portal for PC Engine classics. Sixteen titles launched with the app:

  • Salamander (Konami)
  • Gradius (Konami)
  • R-Type/R-Type II (Irem)
  • Vigilante (Irem)
  • Saigo no Nindo (aka Ninja Spirit, Irem)
  • Victory Run (Hudson)
  • Takahashi Meijin no Shiboukenjima (aka Adventure Island, Hudson)
  • Soldier Blade (Hudson)
  • Power League (Hudson)
  • Necromancer (Hudson)
  • Power Sports (Hudson)
  • Dungeon Explorer (Hudson)
  • PC Genjin (aka Bonk's Adventure, Hudson)
  • Bomberman '94 (Hudson)
  • Nectaris (aka Military Madness, Hudson)
  • The Kung-Fu (Hudson)

Power Sports is playable for free to all those who download PC Engine Game Box. The other games must be unlocked for ¥350 ($2.99).

The game play interface includes a quick save feature which allows you to stop and restart play wherever you like. The app offer three controller options and four screen types.

New games will be added periodically. For details, see the Do the Hudson site.

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