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Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection First Trailer

Square Enix opens an official site and shares first video footage and actual screens.


Square Enix opened an official site for Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection today. The site formalizes some of the information we've been hearing about through magazine leaks and other reports over the past week, and also has the game's Jump Festa trailer.

Complete Collection combines Final Fantasy IV with the package release of Final Fantasy IV The After Years, the latter a direct sequel to FFIV that was released as a series of downloads for cell phones and, later, WiiWare. Square Enix says that over 4.5 million paid downloads were made for The After years' various chapters following its 2008 release as a mobile app.

According to the site, the PSP title will have renewed visuals, compatible with the PSP's 16x9 format. New features include an all new scenario that bridges FFIV and The After Years. This is being supervised by Takashi Tokita. A gallery mode is also being added. This will include the main Yoshitaka Amano illustrations for FFIV and The After Years, CG movies that were made for the DS remake of FFIV, and more.

The gallery mode.

Visit the official site for the game's Jump Festa trailer in the "Movies & Others" section. There are also a couple of shorter clips in the "High-end Graphics" section.

You can also view a YouTube version of the Jump Festa trailer here:

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