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Megahit Forecast For AKB1/48

Live action love sim tops 250,000 pre-orders.

Date your favorite AKB48 member in Namco Bandai's new love sim.

The very idea behind Namco Bandai's live-action PSP love sim AKB1/48 induces all kinds of laughter. For Namco Bandai's investors, however, it's the kind of laughter you get when you're going to the bank.

ZakZak reports today that AKB1/48 has reached pre-orders of over 250,000 units. This is as of the 16th. The game comes out on the 23rd.

AKB1/48 is a love simulation where the heroines all the forty-eight members of jpop band AKB48. The game begins with all the girls in love with you. You'll need to date and interact with them, rejecting one after the other until you get to your preferred girl.

Namco Bandai seems impressed with the game's initial success, as a manger with the company told the site, "To be honest, we didn't think we'd get this many pre-orders. We've topped our sales target in pre-orders alone. There's a jinx that idol games don't sell, causing us some worry, but it looks like AKB is different."

An industry insider told ZakZak that with such high pre-orders, the game will almost definitely sell 500,000 units, and could even approach a million.

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