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Latest Tales of Graces F Download Content

A .hack costume, seasonal attachments, and new designs from Mutsumi Inomata.


Namco Bandai jas shared screens and details for the latest Tales of Graces F download content. Included in the bunch is a .hack tie-up outfit, Santa and angel attachments, and and some Mutsumi Inomata original designs.

Have a look at all the costumes below.

.hack// Haseo

Turn Asbel into .hack's Haseo character, complete with special background music for battle. Available since 12/9 at ¥400.


Santa Set and Angel Set attachments. Available since 12/16 at ¥100 each set.

Mutsumi Inomata Original Designs

Original costumes for Malik, Sheria, Asbel, Pascal and Hubert. Available today (12/22) at ¥400 each.

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