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Nomura and Tabata "Comment" on The 3rd Birthday's Release

Director alludes to sequel twice in a single blog post.


The 3rd Birthday saw release yesterday, and creative producer Tetsuya Nomura and director Hajime Tabata decided to comment in their own unique ways at the game's development blog.

Nomura posted this image:

The image says "It's The 3rd Birthday's release date!!"

I'm not sure who the dude to the right is supposed to be. Any suggestions? If I'm not mistaken, there's a "Ya" on his head.

Tabata posted actual text.

Said Tabata, "I played Parasite Eve 1 while at another developer. The opening movie left a great impression on me. PE2's shower scene television commercial was the most impactful and left a great impression."

"From Tetsuya [Nomura], I was entrusted with Aya from Tetsuya. From Kitase [Yoshinori Kitase, producer], I was entrusted with the development team. Aya Brea, Overdive, Twisted -- these are the game's keywords that were indicated by Tetsuya. Kitase said, 'make a game that will connect to the next title.'"

Tabata finished with "If 3rd's popularity rises, we'll make 4th."

Director Hajime Tabata.

That's two references to a sequel in a single blog post!

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