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The Last Story is Complete

Sakaguchi reports that new Wii RPG has gone master up.


A quick Christmas Eve update on The Last Story from director Hironobu Sakaguchi:

According to this Tweet, The Last Story is complete. (Although Sakaguchi notes that it wasn't actually finished on Christmas Eve -- he just ended up giving notice about it then.)

Visit Sakaguchi's Twitter for many words of congratulations from his followers, including some celebrities:

Former Square Enix collaborator Yasumi Matsuno said congratulations on the master up and that he can't wait until the January 27 release date.

Some followers posted retail display images.

From nm4j, an image of Shinjuku Bic Camera:

From legateru, a retail display that for some reason is showing Ni no Kuni footage:

Yasakura_m, a retailer, posted this pic, saying that because he's in the country he can't order too many units, but he's supporting the game.

Production on The Last Story took three-and-a-half years, says Sakaguchi in one of his replies. If you add in the initial idea phase, the figure is closer to four years.

The demo we'll be seeing during the December 27 presentation will be via final code.

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