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Another Century's Episode Portable: Crossover Attack

The latest screens and details on Namco Bandai's portable ACE.


Namco Bandai shared the latest screens for Another Century's Episode Portable today, providing a look at the latest mecha and the "Cross Over Attack" move.

Cross Over Attack is a special attack that involves two mecha simultaneously. The game screen shows a Combination Gauge in the upper right. You can build this up both by striking your foes and by incurring damage. Once the gauge is full, you can unleash the Cross Over Attack, which brings out a second mech for a combo attack. The only catch is, you'll be unable to move until the other plane arrives, so you'll need to be careful with the timing.

Joining the Cross Over Attack details, Namco Bandai provided a look at the latest mecha:

Gundam OO: OO Raiser

Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion: Shinkisou

Macross F: VF-25S

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