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The Last Story Presentation Live Blog

Sakaguchi will be speaking about his new RPG in a live internet presentation. Check here for a live blog of the happenings.


Nintendo is taking a somewhat unconventional approach to marketing The Last Story. Today at 14:00, the game's director Hironobu Sakaguchi (he also made all those Final Fantasy games) will host a live internet presentation detailing the story and gameplay elements of the new RPG.

The presentation will be broadcast via Ustream. To view it, access this page at Nintendo.co.jp.

I'll be providing a live summary of the proceedings below as well, so if you can't view the live video feed or if you need an English guide, check back here closer to the 14:00 start time.

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15:45 -- Some points of note so you won't have to read the incomprehensible text below:

  • Wii is probably going to have the most amazing JRPG of the generation
  • Elza's wind magic can be used not just to spread the effects of your Magic Circles, but to disperse the Magic Circles of enemies.
  • The free-for-all battle mode does allow for characters other than Elza to be used.
  • When walking about town, you can shoot banana peels at townfolk. If you shoot a banana peel at the wall, it will bounce back and make Elza slip. The banana peels can also be used during online play to make your opponent slip.
  • You can swim (that is, when you encounter water in a dungeon, you'll begin to swim -- it's unclear if there's any gameplay use for this)
  • You can make all your characters strip down to their undies, a feature that Sakaguchi wanted to implement from the beginning
  • Kanan's theme song is sung by a singer named Kanon
  • People are scared of Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata even though he's so adorable.
Sakaguchi was all by himself for most of the event, but other developers and Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata joined at the end.

15:36 -- And one month later, we'll get to actually play The Last Story.

15:35 -- There will be a streamable version of the presentation available on the 28th.

15:35 -- Fin... that means end.

15:34 -- Kanon is singing Kanan's theme... very good.

15:33 -- Here's Kanon's Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanon_(singer)

15:32 -- I think this song is called "Toberu Mono."

15:32 -- From Singer Kanon.

15:31 -- They're going to have a live performance.

15:30 -- Everyone leaves.

15:28 -- Everyone, far more relaxed now that Iwata has left, gives parting messages.

15:27 -- (Matsumoto said he was watching from back stage and noticed the lag.)

15:27 -- The big revelation from Iwata's visit is that there's apparently a time lag for the Ustream stream.

15:22 -- They way everyone is acting, I think Iwata's appearance really was a surprise.

15:22 -- (Mario Club is Nintendo's testing company.)

15:21 -- Mario Club worked on The Last Story for nine months -- this is the longest ever, it seems.

15:20 -- Iwata jokes that he was watching the Ustream while he was on the way to the conference.

15:20 -- Iwata has met up with Sakaguchi multiple times, but he's only met with the other three one time each for the Iwata Asks column.

15:19 -- (the press conference is in Tokyo)

15:19 -- Iwata was in Kyoto in the morning, but ended up coming.

15:19 -- He's right there!

15:19 -- ... Iwata calls out!

15:18 -- Uematsu won the match... followed by Sakaguchi, Matsumoto and Fujisaka.

15:17 -- Oh... one neat thing about this demo is that it confirms that you can use characters other than Elza for the free-for-all fights. There was some confusion over this, I believe.

15:14 -- The comments the characters are saying are lines from the game.

15:12 -- In free-for-all combat every time you defeat someone, you get a point. The person with the most points wins.

15:11 -- You can play online with random or friend codes.

15:11 -- First, free-for-all.

15:11 -- They're going to show four player online play, although the game actually supports up to six players.

15:11 -- They spent 3.5 years on it, although it's about 4 years when you take the initial idea phase into account.

15:10 -- They joke that The Last Story is the same age as Matsumoto's son.

15:09 -- Matsumoto's talk is pretty similar to the lengthy Iwata Asks column.

15:06 -- There's some secret about the sleeve packaging. They wouldn't say what it is exactly, though.

15:06 -- Asked which illustrations he likes the most, Fujisaka says the logo and the main illustration showing Elza and Kanan.

15:04 -- Asked to name a song he likes most, Uematsu says he likes the main theme song, as it's inserted here and there throughout the game.

15:02 -- Uematsu recalls how after giving the first three Last Story songs to Sakaguchi, Sakaguchi said they were all wrong (he said this in the previous Iwata Asks.)

15:01 -- Sakaguchi introduces composer Nobuo Uematsu, concept artist Kimihiko Fujisaka and production head Matsumoto Takuya. (I'm not sure if that's the proper translation for Takuya's title.)

15:00 -- Now, he's going to introduce some of the people from the development staff.

14:59 -- Following a big boss fight, Sakaguchi ends the demo.

14:55 -- Sakaguchi makes note that everyone talks as you run through the dungeon.

14:54 -- Ooh... swimming.

14:54 -- One more battle scene.

14:54 -- Next!

14:53 -- Funny stuff.

14:52 -- Now he's changing Seiren's equipment.

14:52 -- Sakaguchi said that this is something he wanted to do from the start.

14:51 -- Yes, you can make your players almost naked. This can be done for all party members.

14:51 -- Now Sakaguchi is showing the character customization -- equipping equipment to top and bottom, changing color, removing and adding parts.

14:50 -- You'll find armor shops and other shops here.

14:49 -- This is where all sorts of workers gather.

14:49 -- Next, Shokunin Street.

14:49 -- The banana shot can also be used in online play to make your opponents slip.

14:49 -- You can shoot bananas at people!

14:47 -- Elza is the blue marker on the map.

14:47 -- Elza is crossing Arganon bridge, one of the two bridges connecting Central Plaza to the rest of the city.

14:47 -- Sakaguchi is making note of the reactions you get when you run around.

14:47 -- This is the Central Plaza area.

14:46 -- Time for an introduction to Ruli City!

14:46 -- You can still read the subtitles even when forwarding, so you may still be able to follow the story.

14:45 -- Sakaguchi is forwarding the scene

14:45 -- I recognize this scene from one of the trailers.

14:44 -- The lady at the bar tells Elza that there are a lot of people of late, probably because Kanan's wedding ceremony is coming up in a month.

14:42 -- Elza and crew arrive at a pub.

14:42 -- Sakaguchi says he will continue playing for a bit more.

14:42 -- It looks like that sequence was the end of a prologue.

14:41 -- This leads to a sweet CG movie.

14:41 -- It looks like the party has arrived at Ruli Castle.

14:40 -- He's going back to an earlier point.

14:39 -- Because the boss fight will go on, he's powering up Elza for a quicker kill.

14:38 -- He then has Kanan cast Holy, which forms a barrier.

14:38 -- Sakaguchi switches into command mode, where you can give commands to the various party members.

14:36 -- Next, a fight against a mid boss.

14:35 -- This time, Sakaguchi shows some of the camera controls for the events -- zooming out and so forth.

14:34 -- He didn't explain what the darn "pointer" option was...

14:34 -- You can also turn the camera control on and off for the event camera adjustments.

14:34 -- You can set it so that A will forward through the events.

14:33 -- He's explaining the menu.

14:33 -- He has to retry the boss.

14:33 -- ... I wonder if Sakaguchi is controlling the camera during the event scenes.

14:32 -- This one is set on a Gurugu ship.

14:32 -- Oops... I head wrong. There's another save data.

14:31 -- You can use Elza's wind magic to diffuse that circle -- make it go away.

14:31 -- That is, the enemy healers will heal enemies in that circle.

14:31 -- The black circle is a heal circle for the enemy.

14:31 -- You can use Wind on Jackal's ice magic circle to make the enemies slip.

14:30 -- They're showing one more demonstration of Gathering, this time Elza allowing for Jackal to use his magic.

14:29 -- This starts in an area that has been attacked by the Gurugu people.

14:29 -- Next, one last save file.

14:29 -- (You can read all about this Magic Circle and Wind Magic stuff in past stories on this site. There's a link to the database page to the right of this story)

14:29 -- You can spread the effect of multiple Magic Circles by making your Wind magic target both Magic Circles.

14:27 -- Now he's showing Elza using his Wind magic to spread the effects of the Magic Circle.

14:27 -- It looks like he started the battle with Elza using gathering on the enemy.

14:27 -- This time, he's going to use Gathering properly.

14:26 -- Oops... Sakaguchi had to restart :(

14:26 -- The enemies tend to first turn their sites on your weaker mages.

14:26 -- This forest their in is accessible from Ruli City by boat, it seems.

14:25 -- Next, the demo is moving on to a more advanced dungeon.

14:24 -- So... everyone was telling Elza to lead the boss out through the exit. He did, resulting in what you saw there.

14:22 -- You do this by going into targeting mode with Z.

14:22 -- Sakaguchi is searching for the enemy weak point.

14:22 -- Using the analogue stick and A, you can dive to avoid enemy attack.

14:21 -- One more move -- Dive

14:21 -- Uh-oh.. big boss time!

14:20 -- Previously, Yuris was attacking automatically. However, Sakaguchi also showed how you can give manual commands to Yuris and the other allies as well.

14:19 -- This allows Yuris to use his magic.

14:19 -- Elza uses gathering, and the enemy sites focus on him.

14:19 -- Yuris is being targeted by enemies -- you can see by the lines pointing at Yuris.

14:18 -- Gathering pulls all enemy sights onto Elza.

14:17 -- He's going to show the Gathering system.

14:17 -- Sakaguchi loads up a save file which takes him behind the cave.

14:16 -- Ooh... slow motion.

14:16 -- He's explaining how they've took effort with the geographical interaction -- you can hide behind things and so-forth.

14:15 -- He shows a save point.

14:15 -- Sakaguchi takes control of the action back in the cave.

14:14 -- (if you're having problems with Nintendo's feed, I'd suggest switching to the Ustream feed -- it's more stable, but the quality is not as good)

14:14 -- Quark tells them that Count Arganon is their new employer.

14:13 -- All the mercenaries are in a bar.

14:13 -- Some days earlier, reads the text on the screen.

14:13 -- Elza walks into the fire magic circle, giving his sword flame properties.

14:13 -- Sakaguchi is explaining the Magic Circle system.

14:12 -- Elza and Yuris meet up with Quark and Seiren.

14:11 -- Here, Elza was given the ability to destroy a pillar. Sakaguchi selected this, and Elza destroyed the pillar with a range attack, taking out the enemies at the same time.

14:11 -- You can push Z to bring up a targeting cursor. When you point to things that you can take action on, it will show it.

14:10 -- Next the scene cuts to Elza and Yuris. Elza says that they should meet up with Quark and all.

14:10 -- Seiren was complaining about Elza not being there. "What is Elza doing?"

14:09 -- Even in auto mode, you use B to guard.

14:09 -- However, you can go into the menu and switch to manual mode where you use A to attack.

14:09 -- Attacking is auto -- just use the analogue stick.

14:09 -- It also looks like B keeps you in a guard.

14:09 -- By holding down B while walking, you can leap over obstacles.

14:08 -- The latest tutorial is about taking cover behind things using A button.

14:08 -- Quark is the leader of the mercenary group that Elza is in, by the way.

14:08 -- Hmm... it looks like you can control people other than Elza, as Sakaguchi is controlling Quark. He's in a party with Seiren.

14:07 -- The tutorials are done using videos. You can skip them, as he's doing.

14:07 -- He's showing some of the tutorials.

14:07 -- Chapter 01 -- Lizard's Cave.

14:06 -- However, he's going to start off from a new game.

14:06 -- He made save data using a debug mode.

14:06 -- The session is starting from the beginning he says.

14:06 -- He's jumping right into a play session.

14:05 -- Sakaguchi is repeating some of the things he said in past blog posts -- they're giving 120% an working as if it would be their last title.

14:05 -- It's taking a lot of energy, but he's enjoyed himself.

14:04 -- This is his first return to directing since FFV, he says.

14:04 -- Sakaguchi takes the stage and introduces himself as director of the game, Mistwalker's Sakaguchi.

14:04 -- Ahh... not a trailer... just a staff introduction.

14:04 -- Sound: Nobuo Uematsu!

14:03 -- Director: Hironobu Sakaguchi!

14:03 -- They're kicking the event off with a trailer.

14:03 -- Starting!

13:52 -- BTW, I'm not going to be transcribing everything Sakaguchi says. I'll just be summarizing here and there. Also, if he announces anything new, I'll be sure and make a note of it.

13:51 -- I think I see the 4gamer guy's shaven head up there.

13:50 -- I was totally expecting Sakaguchi at his desk... but it looks like this is an actual presentation with guests:

13:50 -- You can also go through Ustream: clicky click

13:49 -- Nintendo seems to have its own live feeds accessible from that site.

13:49 -- You can select your choice of video from this page: clicky click

13:48 -- The live video feeds have started!

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