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Final Fantasy Card Game Update

Date, pricing and more bonus cards.


Square Enix today provided a long awaited followup report on the Final Fantasy themed trading card game that was announced last month.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game is a one on one card game that has players battle it out using cards featuring characters and summons from the Final Fantasy series.

The game makes use of three basic types of cards:

The basic card. These are used to attack and also block enemy forwards.
These cards don't take part in battle. They provide the Crystal Points that are required for using cards, and also provide support to forward cards through abilities.
These are used just once, but have powerful effects.

Cards have six standard elemental properties: fire, ice, wind, earth, snow, water. In addition, there are two special elemental properties: light and darkness.

You'll be able to start playing Final Fantasy Trading Card Game (or just start collecting the cards) on February 25. Square Enix will make available Entry Sets costing ¥1,500 and booster card packs for ¥330.

The Entry Sets consist of a pack of 50 cards. There are two types of Entry Sets: Black Deck and White Deck. Each set will include a card that can only be obtained in the set.

Booster packs will consist of eight cards chosen at random.

The game has 160 standard cards and 162 premium cards. There are five types of rarity for the game's cards: common, uncommon, rare, special rare and premium.

The 3rd Birthday (released 12/22) came with a free promotional card. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (set for 1/20) and Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy (set for 3/3) will also include a promotional card.

The 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts promo cards.

Visit the card game's official site for further details.

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