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Strip Down to Your Undies in The Last Story

Sakaguchi shows off The Last Story's powerful customization system.


Today's Last Story Presentation event was full of memorable moments as Hironobu Sakaguchi showed off the heart pounding battles and dramatic cinematics of his long awaited return to directing.

But here's all you really need to know: you can make your character strip down to nothing but their underwear.

Here's main character Elza fully covered up:

Here's Elza with his top removed:

Here's Elza in nothing but his undies:

And here's undies Elza walking around Ruli City.

Sakaguchi (that's him in the lower right) said that this is one feature he'd really wanted to implement.

This isn't something that's limited to just Elza. You can make all party members strip down to their underwear. Sakaguchi unfortunately did not demonstrate this on party sex symbol Seiren. Instead, he first showed Seiren fully covered up in thick "Dragon" armor, then switched her to a more pleasing outfit called "Kanan's One Piece" (named after the game's heroine, Kanan).

Here's undies Elza getting into a misunderstanding with Kanan's One Piece Seiren.

There's much more to see in the presentation than just this, of course. You can rewatch the presentation at Ustream. It will also be available (presumably in higher quality) tomorrow at noon at Nintendo's home page.

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