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A Mysterious E-mail at the Catherine Official Site

Now you're going to have to check your virtual e-mail every day.


As if the talking sheep wasn't bizarre enough, the Catherine official site took delivery of another mysterious piece of content today.

Click the cell phone icon to the lower left of the page, and you'll be able to read a mail from Catherine.

The mail reads: "Be sure and keep 2/17 open as promised. Where should we meet up?"

You can respond with the following:

LEFT: "What is this about? I think you might have the wrong address. I don't think this message is meant for me."

RIGHT: "Hasty, hasty. Of course I'm leaving the 17th open. How did we promise to spend the time?"

The sheep at the lower right of Catherine's message says "It looks like you've received a message in error. She seems to be mistaking you for her boyfriend, so try replying. If you replay every day, something good may happen."

What could it mean?

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