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Phantasy Star Goes Social on Mobagetown

New Phantasy Star Eternal Hunters creates worlds based off your location.


Phantasy Star is following Shenmue and Sakura Taisen to become the next classic Sega franchise to go social. Sega shared first details today on "Phantasy Star Eternal Hunters," a new social entry in the Phantasy Star franchise that's being developed for the Mobagetown mobile social gaming platform.

In Eternal Hunters, you're tasked with collecting data that has been scattered throughout the land following a research ship's crash landing on an unknown planet.

The big feature Sega is promoting is that the game uses positional information from your cell phone to create areas of play based off your current location. The monsters you encounter change depending on the area, so it's possible for players throughout Japan to have a different experience.

Pre-registration has started for Eternal Hunters, with official service set for Winter. As always for Mobagetown, the game is free to play, making use of an item transaction system.

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