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Catherine Demo Planned

Team Persona is done with their first HD game, and you'll get to play it in advance.

We'll get to try out Team Persona's first HD game in advance!

Catherine is already the most wanted game amongst Famitsu's readers, but Atlus isn't taking anything for granted. The publisher is planning on releasing a demo for the new game from Team Persona.

Director Katsura Hashino mentioned the demo in the latest post at the game's development blog. He promised details in the new year.

Development on Catherine has come to an end, Hashino also revealed in the post. In fact, the game went master up a month ago. Immediately following completion of work on the final version, the development staff got to work on a demo and was able to finish it before the year ended.

Elsewhere in this informative post Christmas post, Hashino said that he expects to be able to make a number of announcements next year related to other titles.

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