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Dead Or Alive Dimensions Chronicle Mode Revealed

Plus, how does the new 3DS entry use the system's lower screen?


Famitsu.com and its print counterpart have delivered an update on Dead or Alive Dimensions with first details on the 3DS title's new "Chronicle Mode."

Chronicle Mode is a story-based tutorial mode. As you acquire basic battle techniques, you'll learn the story behind the DOA series. Included in the story sequences are some previously unseen episodes.

The description at Famitsu makes it sound like this will offer a recap of the DOA series storyline as a whole. Producer Yousuke Hayashi hinted at this in a past interview.

In the Famitsu.com story, you can see some of the sub characters who appear in Chronicle mode: Shiden, Fame Douglas and Donovan.

Also shown at the site is how the game will make use of the 3DS's lower screen. The screen will show a digital command chart. For those who want to input commands on their own, the chart shows the exact commands for each move. You can also tap the command to have it automatically performed.

The bottom screen in Dimensions.
Famitsu.com also has a look at three stages of play from Dimensions.

If you have acces to it, the print version of Famitsu has a few additional details. Joining the previously revealed playable cast of Kasumi, Ayane, and Hayate, the magazine confirms that Hitomi, Ryu Hayabusa, Bayman, Christie and Helena will be playable. The magazine also shows original costumes for Ayane and Kasumi.

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