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Star Alongside Reiko Nagase in Ridge Racer 3D

3DS racer makes use of system's camera for profile pics.


This is Namco Bandai digital race queen Reiko Nagase in artwork for Ridge Racer 3D:

Famitsu.com has a tiny look at the 3DS title going along with coverage in Weekly Famitsu this week.

Outside of the new Reiko CG pic, the big revelation in the Famitsu.com story is that the game will use the 3DS's camera to snap a pic of the player for use as a player icon during multiplayer matches.

The site also says to expect renewals of popular courses of old, along with, of course, brand new courses and machines.

The print version of Famitsu also says that the game will have Street Pass support, but does not share specifics beyond the bullet point.

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